Student Testimonials

What my students say…

Reflections from a previous student

I love living in Sydney! Since moving here though, I struggle for a while to find the ‘right job’. having worked in hospitality for many years but not wanting to proceed with a career in the field. I’ve been working in a hotel, but recently also started teaching group keyboard lessons at a school. I’ve been really enjoying teaching and find it so rewarding to see the children progress, so I’ve decided to also go back to taking lesson of my own and will complete the diploma with AMEB.
Hopefully, I’ll finish this by mid 2019. I’ve  had to relearn a few things after taking a long break from piano and I’m picking up now from Grade 7. After this I hope I can start giving private lessons and teach more advanced students, as a room full of kids take all the energy out of you (i’m sure you’d know!).
It’s funny that I wanted to be a piano teacher when I was younger then I took a complete detour before coming back to the same goal. I now wish I’d studied music at University to begin with! However maybe it was all for a reason beyond my understanding.


“Thank you for teaching me play the piano and for helping me prepare for my exam. ”


“Just didn’t we have the best time!”


“Thank you very much for all the help in preparing for my exam. ”


“Dear Mrs Hopping, You’ve been a terrific teacher.”

Lia & Sarah

“Dear Maurine, Thank you for all your help and time.”

Georgia & Tess

“Thank you Mrs Hopping for teaching me this year.”


“Dear Mrs Hopping, Thank you for being my teacher. I have enjoyed it. “


“We are pleased to have shared your musical teaching talents as parents and pupil all.”


Parent Testimonials

What my Parents say…

For the last 4 years my daughter has been learning the piano. She was 6 when she started. It was a rather naive decision on my part but I value music education and that is something I wish to hand on to my children. The lessons are the reality of leaning tangled with hard work, discipline and practice. My daughter has had her days when the TV is preferable. I see in her an enjoyment and satisfaction that drives her curiosity and =desire t=now to play music. Together we have made a commitment to make music a part of our daily routine sand to watch her learn and discover a new song is reward in itself.

Maya's parent

Maurine offers her students a wonderful opportunity to develop excellent technical, practical and theoretical, practical and digital age where screen distractions are ever present, Maurine provides students with skills to develop proficiency in music performance which promotes a balanced education. Maurine has supported my daughter Jamie for the past 8 years and this year she is looking to sit her Grade 5 practical exam which also be recognised in the SACE towards Year 12 Stage 1 credits. Extra practice, ongoing encouragement, clear instruction and an appreciation of how to maintain student’s interest throughout their teenage years are qualities in Maurine’s program which as a parent I hold in high regard.

Ford Family

One of the reasons I got Eric to learn to play the piano was I thought at the time if he learnt how to play music he would become smarter and more adaptive. After a few lessons I found he had enjoyed learning and playing music. The reason Eric continued to learn and practice was mainly because he wanted to, enjoyed it and kept at it. Eric was also very good in my opinion and learning music. Learning for the same teacher he has been improving every year and gaining great results from AMEB music exams. Thank you to Maurine for teaching Eric for the last 7 years and guiding him in music.

Deng family

“Thank you for what you give Chelsie, your wisdom, knowledge and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated.”

Geoff, Meg & Chelsie

“We are pleased to have shared your musical teaching talents as parents and pupil all.”


“You have given Alice a good foundation in music for which we are grateful.”

Jenny & Peter

“Thank you for all your hard work dedication and motivation in helping Miles achieve such a wonderful result.”

Miles & Eva

“You give so much of yourself that is such a wonderful gift you spread so generously around.”

Mary & Ivon

Thanks to you for all the hours of tireless efforts you devote to the kids. It is very much appreciated.”