Music Tuition / Music Lessons

Excellent Value for Money… Learn to play an instrument or sing..

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  • Piano / Keyboard : Classical / Jazz / Boogie / Rock
  • Guitar / Classical / Rock / Blues
  • Recorder
  • Voice Lessons – Classical & Popular music
  • Concert Performances + DVD recordings
  • Music Theory

All Ages 3-94+ from Beginners to Advanced

  • Male & Female tuition
  • Piano for leisure
  • Introductory music for toddlers
  • Prep – Yr12 SABSA music – AmusA Diploma.
  • Extra tuition for AMEB exam preparation

AMEB Australian Music Examinations Board, University of Adelaide
A complete and internationally recognised system of assessment in music.

Music Choices:

Students can select their own music
Song & music writing
Music Industry opportunities
Concert and Presentation training
Mums & Bubs singing groups
Kindy music

My Students’ Learning Hints

Learn to play an instrument or sing..

When practicing, do it slowly.Your speed and accuracy will get better. Don’t rush otherwise mistakes will happen. Eric

Break up your practice don’t spend too long on one song. If you can’t play it play another and come back to it later. Kaya

Practice all you pieces night & morning and in any free time. Maddi

To play the note, you must know the name of the note. Larissa

Break up the piece of music into small sections & try the hard bits first. Maya.

If you sort of know how to do it I get my Teacher to play it first then I repeat it over again & again. Then it’s right. Annie

Practice slowly and make sure everything you play is correct and eventually you get faster as you get more confident. Alex

*PS Concentration span of a child is approx 6-8mins.

Why music is good for us…

Give young minds a lift as young as
0 years old
improves IQ, memory & attention skills
Children who had taken Piano Lessons
Improvement in academic performance
2nd graders with 4 months keyboard training
better than just maths software