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What my students say…

“Thank you for teaching me play the piano and for helping me prepare for my exam. ” Charlotte

“Just didn’t we have the best time!” Ben

“Thank you for what you give Chelsie, your wisdom, knowledge and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated.” Geoff, Meg & Chelsie

“Thank you very much for all the help in preparing for my exam. ” Matthew

“Dear Mrs Hopping, You’ve been a terrific teacher.” Thanks Lia & Sara

Dear Maurine, Thank you for all your help and time. Love Georgia & Tess

“Thank you Mrs Hopping for teaching me this year.” from Hillary

“Dear Mrs Hopping, Thank you for being my teacher. I have enjoyed it. “Sarah

“We are pleased to have shared your musical teaching talents as parents and pupil all.” Rufus

“You have given Alice a good foundation in music for which we are grateful.” Jenny & Peter

“Thank you for all your hard work dedication and motivation in helping Miles achieve such a wonderful result. Miles & Eva

“You give so much of yourself that is such a wonderful gift you spread so generously around.” Mary & Ivon

Thanks to you for all the hours of tireless efforts you devote to the kids. It is very much appreciated.” Ros