Hi Maurine,

“I love living in Sydney! Since moving here though, I struggle for a while to find the ‘right job’. having worked in hospitality for many years but not wanting to proceed with a career in the field.

I’ve been working in a hotel, but recently also started teaching group keyboard lessons at a school. I’ve been really enjoying teaching and find it so rewarding to see the children progress, so I’ve decided to also go back to taking lesson of my own and will complete the diploma with AMEB.

Hopefully, I’ll finish this by mid 2019. I’ve  had to relearn a few things after taking a long break from piano and I’m picking up now from Grade 7. After this I hope I can start giving private lessons and teach more advanced students, as a room full of kids take all the energy out of you (i’m sure you’d know!).

It’s funny that I wanted to be a piano teacher when I was younger then I took a complete detour before coming back to the same goal. I now wish I’d studied music at University to begin with! However maybe it was all for a reason beyond my understanding.



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